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Our Story

  The CBP Explorer Program strives to offer America’s youth an insight into serving as guardians of our nation's borders and becoming a part of America's frontline. CBP Explorer Post 2302 Consist of seventeen young men and women who are devoted members of the team. These individuals passed a rigorous selection process and since have demonstrated commitment, determination, and integrity to the program.  They have endured many rigorous physical and mental challenges. Members of Explorer Post 2302 are given the opportunity to participate in various law enforcement training exercises such as exposure to OC spray, Tactical training scenarios, defensive tactics and firearms familiarization. 


  The Explorers of Post 2302 regularly participate in physical training and team building exercises that has allowed them to develop, self-confidence, inner personal skills, character and verbal communication skills.  These young men and women have matured together as a team and have demonstrated what it takes to be a part America’s Frontline.